TDD Workshop @ Campus Varberg

Published on 2023-05-22
Raniz, in his native habitat

I've always been free with sharing knowledge and try to help out wherever I can. When I was younger this meant I helped my classmates in subjects I was good at (mostly physics, math, and anything computer-related).

These days I give presentations, hold workshops, write blog posts and of course share knowledge freely with those I work with.

I've given my Test Driven Development Workshop a few times now and - both at JFokus 2023 and as a consultant at private companies. This monday I gave it to 12 students at Campus Varberg (our local site of higher education).

They are studying at the "Systemutvecklare .NET" (roughly System Developer .NET) program and have gotten far enough that they're confident writing C# code, but most (if not all) had never written a single test case. Their testing course was set to start later that day - can you get a better start to your testing course than learning TDD?

We did the 3-hour version which includes an introduction to TDD and a hands-on-lab where the participants solve a kata. Since we were a rather small group we did it as an ensemble.

I don't think the workshop could have gone any better. The students were attentive and asked a lot of questions and I think they learned a lot.

An interesting thing was that the students got to part 3 of the kata whereas we've never finished part 1 when I've done it as an ensemble with professional developers.

Some reflections from the participants (translated from Swedish):

Great presentation and a very interesting subject! 👍🥳

I'd guess we learned more today than we will during the rest of the course 😁

Really great!

Brilliant! A flying start to our testing course 🙂